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Fun: Open source girls… :)

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Hyundai Getz review by Linux guy

I got my car at June 8 2007 and think that it’s proper time to publish some notes about my impressions regarding Hyindai Getz exactly now.

First that I would like to mention is that this car is amazingly beautiful. My one is of color named as Tango Red (I usually say “bloody red”) and my vehicle is latest Getz model present at market. Here is it’s picture:


One of the greatest Getz’s advantages is that it’s rather smart for it’s class. Not wild but nimble gas engine of 1.4L together with light weight allows you to keep yourselves easy at the road and outstrip other cars with pleasure. The first drive will give you a clear idea what I’m talking about :).

Before buying I’ve tested both manual and automated transmissions and my decision was exact and quick: to my mind only manual 5 step transmission allows to feel Getz’s engine in full.

Another good thing is a suspension which is balanced and very informative. Thanks to it I feel road and keep manoeuvres I perform predictable that is very important at high speed and on wet road covering.

Also I’d like to mention that everything in this car is well thought-out and it creates a felling of completeness. Let me also mention that a saloon is rather large for such kind of car. I’m 1.9 m tall but I feel myself comfortable there. Along with other advantages of this car I can say that this car is very good for me.

Please note that this car is my first and I occasionally drove Toyota Corolla 2006 and Skoda Felicia 1998 before it.

If you need smart, comfortable, economic and not very expensive car, Hyundai Getz is for you! 😉

Fun: Bill Gates recommends Ubuntu :)

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I wish everybody to have a great deals this year and to be happy more than last year! Hello from Zakopane, Poland:

From Zakopane, Poland